A group petitions the IGP about the burning of a burial place and the disturbance of a cleric’s burial

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Save The Poor and Needy Charity Initiative (SPANCI) has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, regarding the alleged burning of Prophet Joseph Odeyemi Eyinafe Bojesomo’s burial site by some individuals.

The panel advised the IGP to look into the burning of the site and the interruption of the cleric’s burial.

According to Ebantel, Bojesomo, who died in June of this year, was the spiritual head of Orioke Agbara Emimimo in Efon Alaaye, Ekiti State.

The deceased’s family had agreed to bury the priest within the confines of the mountain (Church) on December 13th and 14th, 2023.

In the appeal addressed to the IGP and made accessible to Ebantel on Monday, SPANCI President, Dr. Yemi Ezekiel Bello, said that some individuals who opposed the cleric’s burial within the confines of the church went ahead to burn the burial site and interrupt the burial.

According to Bello’s petition, some buildings on the property, as well as other materials worth millions of naira, were destroyed.

He subsequently requested that the IGP examine the incident and arrest the offenders.

In the statement, Bello stated that the organization was dissatisfied with the manner the Osun State Police Command handled the situation.

He claimed that the police collaborated to keep the crime going with Elerinmo of Erinmo and Oba Micheal Odunayo Ajayi Arowotawaya, Saba of Erinmo, and Chief Taiwo Agbonmagbe.

“We, the Save the Poor and Needy Charity Initiative, are dissatisfied with the Osun State police command’s negligence and conspiracy with Elerinmo of Erinmo land, Oba Micheal Odunayo Ajayi Arowotawaya, Chief Taiwo Agbonmagbe, Saba of Erinmo land, and their thugs, as we have alleged in numerous previous press releases and petitions.”

“We had previously pleaded in our petitions to Mr. President, IGP, and others to provide maximum security around Orioke Agbara Emimimo Efon Alaaye, popularly known as Orioke Erinmo, for the safety of the Bojesomos, those on the mountain, and those coming for the burial of late prophet Joseph Odeyemi Eyinafe Bojesomo, whom we have alleged Elerinmo.”

“On the 13th and 14th of December 2023, the day the late prophet Bojesomo was to be buried, thugs started shooting guns, invaded the prayer mountain, burned the building built to bury the late prophet and other buildings, stole and destroyed valuable equipment and commodities worth millions of naira.”

“Please take note that the aforementioned mountain is not in Osun State; we only directed the petition to the AIG because the perpetrators live in Erinmo, and thus the police from Ijebujesha and the Osun State command, in general, lacked jurisdiction to arrest anyone from Efon Alaaye.” Also, Elerinmo and his goons refused to allow the late Bojesomo’s burial on the abovementioned mountain, therefore our client buried their father someplace in Efon for their own protection.

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