A total embarrassment Emefiele’s brother speaks out against the legal battle between the DSS and prison personnel.

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Godwin Emefiele’s brother, George, has spoken out against the standoff between DSS agents and inmates at the Nigeria Correctional Centre. Emefiele is the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and is currently in hot water.

After Emefiele’s trial at the Federal High Court in Lagos, agents from both security agencies clashed.

According to EBANTAL, the DSS planned to take Emefiele back into jail, and personnel from the NCoS were already on the scene to transport the suspended CBN governor to the NCoS’s penitentiary facility.

After spending six weeks in DSS detention, Emefiele was granted bail in the amount of N20 million by a court presided over by Justice Nicholas Oweibo.

George reacted by saying that the dispute between the two security agencies was shameful.

George told reporters inside the courthouse, “It’s unfortunate that this is happening in Nigeria, a democratic nation that is blessed with people of integrity.

“I recalled how, during the NADECO era, the current president fought the military tooth and nail.

Three judges have ordered that he be released on bond; he is not a flight risk; he has lived and worked in Nigeria for the past nine years; and he served his country honorably.

You can probably picture a scenario in which two federal government agencies are at odds with one another. This shames the entire country.

I mean, how else are we supposed to explain this? What will happen to the poor man if today this happens to someone who served this country for nine years?

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