Adeleke informs the cabinet to get ready for a thorough budget defense

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Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has instructed his cabinet to prepare for a comprehensive budget defense before the Osun House of Assembly.

Adeleke made this announcement on Wednesday via Mr. Olawale Rasheed, his spokeswoman.

He said full cooperation with the legislature was necessary to expedite the budget processes in line with the Assembly’s agenda.

“We must rule this state. We need to accomplish our five-point plan. Any diversions are out of the question. To ensure that the Assembly’s budget hearings are successful, all cabinet members need to get their act together.

Additionally, provide the necessary material to the appropriate house committees so they can review and approve your suggestions.

He declared, “I have every confidence that the legislature will comprehend the fiscal and economic factors underlying the budgetary proposals for 2024.”

He claimed that his government was aware of novel concepts being put forth that would call for the introduction of new legislation or the revision of already-existing ones.

“On that note, let me to instruct our MDAs to expedite internal procedures by providing them with scheduled executive bills.

“The goodness of our state is greatly dependent on three of these bills. Without further ado, the measure to domesticate the Nigerian Startup Act ought to be sent to the Assembly. The answer to expanding and diversifying the economy of our state is found in that law,” he continued.

He also emphasized the importance of the measure regarding the Osun electrical market.

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