After removing subsidies, the governor of Bauchi launched 30 new buses to improve traffic flow.

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Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, governor of Bauchi State, inaugurated 30 new buses on Tuesday to help residents get around more easily now that the federal government has ended its fuel subsidy program.

Governor Mohammed announced at the bus’s inauguration in Bauchi, the state capital, that the state government had partnered with an indigenous firm to purchase the 30 buses for N480 million, and that the cost would be repaid over the course of two years at the rate of N20 million per month.

He claims that the state government will buy more than just buses, including tricycles and motorcycles designed for business use.

He explained that this will help the economy by providing people with jobs while also solving transportation problems caused by the subsidy cuts currently in effect.

As a member of the Presidential Palliative Distribution Committee, Governor Mohammed has remarked that lowering the soaring cost of interstate transportation can be achieved in part by providing other modes of transportation inside the state.

The governor declared that people all throughout Nigeria were suffering because of the government’s decision to end fuel subsidies.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Alhaji Aliyu Sulaiman, gave opening remarks and praised the state government for its investments in key economic sectors.

Sulaiman then asked the administration at Yankari Transport Corporation to make prudent use of the new buses.

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