An elders’ forum berates the US for a security alert and supports the FG

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The United States was recently warned by the Patriotic Elders Forum for Peace and Unity to exercise caution when visiting certain states in Nigeria due to the possibility of terrorist attacks. The US has responded angrily to this warning.

The US threat was criticized by The Elders, who emerged from an urgent meeting in Kano on Tuesday, as being unwarranted and hypocritical at a time when Ahmad Bola Tinubu’s new government is trying to maintain calm throughout the nation.

The forum’s national president, Dr. Bature AbdulAziz, stated in a communiqué that while the United States and its allies are capable of acting as the world’s police, they should not incite fear in people wherever they may be.

The Elders claimed that over time, the US has issued security advisories that have nearly always been proven to be false, suggesting that it would be better if they altered their behavior by supporting Nigeria rather than inciting alarm.

“We closely listen to the information minister, Muhammad Idiris, submit regarding the fictitious security alerts, and we concur that the material is unnecessary and a complete betrayal of the real facts.”

The Elders Forum applauded President Tinubu for allocating the necessary level of priority to security, including the provision of some new fighter jets and other tools necessary to combat crime.

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