Ask your kids where their money comes from. An ex-police officer gives senior residents advice

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Senior people and Nigerians in general have been warned to take security precautions for their protection given the current state of affairs in the country.

During a seminar hosted by the Kwara State chapter of the National League of Veteran Journalists (NALVEJ), SP Okasanmi Ajayi (retd), a former public relations officer for the Kwara State Police Command, gave the advise.

Elderly people should be on the lookout for potential kidnappers, according to Okansanmi, who advised them to monitor their movements.

He gave them advice on how to protect their homes, equip themselves with emergency phone numbers, and get whistles as personal security alarm devices.

Regarding the security conditions in Kwara State, Okasanmi cautioned parents to keep an eye on their children’s and wards’ whereabouts and activities.

Some kids purchase pricey presents for their parents, failing to inquire about the sources of their riches. He advocated for parents to uphold their power over their kids.

He characterized abduction in Kwara State as an alien culture that the locals find weird.

Okasanmi, who retired in October 2023, also noted that young people blindly join cults because they think they can leave at any time.

“It is a lifelong commitment; no cult member can renounce membership without suffering the consequences,” he continued.

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