Bago criticizes Niger’s HYPPADEC and government for not working together on intervention initiatives.

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Mohammed Umaru Bago, governor of Niger State, has criticized HYPPADEC, the National Hydro Electric Power Producing Areas Development Commission, for not coordinating its intervention programs with the state administration.

The governor made the remarks during a visit to Government House, Minna, from the commission’s management committee.

He elaborated on how the state government and HYPPADEC needed to collaborate to prevent wasting resources by performing the same intervention actions twice.

Bago said that as a result, his government established new institutions and ministries to work in tandem with the commission.

He said, “I have observed with dismay the lack of synchronisation of your policies and programmes with those of the state; as a result, we have created a Ministry for Power and Renewable Energy with terms of reference so that they can interface with the commission.”

For example: “It is absurd to find out that you build schools where we are also building schools just because there is no communication, or that you provide life jackets or support programmes where we have just done that, or that you provide food intervention and other interventions.”

After thanking the HYPPADEC management committee for their visit, the governor vowed to keep providing state government resources to help the commission fulfill its objective.

According to HYPPADEC’s MD, Abubakar Sadiq Yelwa, the state has benefited from the commission’s work in many different sectors of development, including: housing, disaster management, water supply, education, rural electricity, and support for security forces.

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