Connecting the banned Ombatse to Ombugadu is unfair and unfounded. Mada youngsters knock Gov. Sule

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The alleged connection between David Ombugadu and the banned Ombatse organization has been rejected by Mada Youths in Nasarawa State as illogical and politically driven.

Comrade Musa Aruwa, the leader of the Concerned Mada Youths, released a statement in Lafia in which he claimed that the unfounded accusations have dangerous ramifications and could exacerbate ethnic tensions. He said that it is unfair to associate Ombugadu with the Ombatse group and that doing so could further destabilize the nation’s already precarious security situation.

Aruwa claimed that since all previous attempts at influencing the people’s resolve and affection for Ombugadu had failed, Governor Sule’s supporters had turned to cheap misinformation in an attempt to incite ethnic strife in the state.

“Governor A. A. Sule’s handlers have now turned to reenacting an incident that happened ten years ago in an attempt to incite passions and ethnic tension in Nasarawa State, after using all of their poisonous darts at Ombugadu with no discernible effect. This is all part of their desperate attempts to hold onto power after the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal removed A. A. Sule from office.

In a startling change of events, Governor Sule’s handlers have gone into overdrive by starting a smear campaign against Ombugadu, connecting him to the Ombatse group, despite the fact that the governor has appealed the Tribunal’s decision at the Appeal Court.

Aruwa stated, “The accusations were not only baseless but also extremely dangerous, as such claims have the potential to incite violence in a country already struggling with insecurity and stoke ethnic tensions.”

The head of the Mada Youth further emphasized that Ombugadu’s election victory was the product of the united support of all ethnic groups in Nasarawa, claiming that the success of Ombugadu was the outcome of the combined efforts of numerous tribes. He called for an equitable and just political environment devoid of unfounded allegations.

Aruwa said that the APC’s attempt to damage Ombugadu’s reputation by referencing historical occurrences from ten years ago is a desperate attempt to obtain political advantage. Additionally, he issued a warning about the perilous consequences of manipulating ethnic feelings in politics.

“After failing in all of their attempts to defame him, they have turned to hurling toxic darts at him, disregarding the consequences for their acts in terms of security.

We are aware that the connection between Ombudagu and the Ombatse group is a frantic attempt to seize political advantage and erode democracy by spreading the seeds of distrust in the minds of the State’s peace-loving populace.

“It is clear that this was an unfair smear effort with no foundation in truth. The episode serves as a reminder of the value of upholding the integrity of the political system and the risks associated with manipulating ethnicity in politics, the statement continued.

Aruwa called on the state’s ruling party to uphold democratic values, denouncing smear campaigns and advocating for unity and progress for Nasarawa State’s betterment.

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