Despite the controversy, the Osun government would support goitre patients

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The Osun State Government has said that it will support Folakemi, an Ejigbo resident who has goitre.

The state government stated this in response to a viral video implying that the government neglected to cure the woman.

In the video, Folakemi declines the free surgery in favor of N300,000.

In a statement issued on Tuesday on behalf of the state government, Dr Isiaka Adekunle, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, noted that the goitre sufferer was not disregarded when she sought medical attention for her ailment.

Adekunle claimed that Folakemi was asked to give her medical assistance process record before the State Government could take charge.

“Mrs. Folakemi was not overlooked when she sought medical assistance for her goitre,” according to the statement, “but was rather requested to provide her record of procedure for medical assistance before the State Government could take charge.”

“Contrary to the government’s offer, Mrs. Folakemi went to Lagos to seek funds for her medical operation, ignoring the fact that the Osun State government had already offered to perform the surgery for free.”

“Mrs. Folakemi, while in Lagos, did not proceed with the surgery but opted for the donated funds to support her business.”

Adekunle stated that the State Government had guaranteed Folakemi and her family that the surgery would be free of charge.

He maintained that while she had decided to return to Osun for the surgery, the previous medical documents, medical aid procedure record, and family approval were still required for the government to proceed with her case.

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