Experts blame poor animal nutrition for the spread of anthrax

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Two animal rights activists and vegetarians have spoken out against the threat to human health posed by the use of goods from animals whose breeding practices imperil other animals and people.

British professor and vegetarian Raymond Opia argued that animals can contract diseases like anthrax if they are not provided the proper diet of vegetables and grains. Recent Anthrax outbreaks, he argued, should come as no surprise, given that European farmers routinely use insects and other animals as fodder for cattle, fowl, pigs, and other animals in order to speed up their growth. As a result, some of these creatures have developed unusual illnesses.
Following the anthrax scare and government cautions that everyone should be careful about the meats they eat, they each gave an exclusive interview to DAILY POST.
Opia pushed for a complete cultural shift away from the consumption of animal products. Animals have been linked to the spread of diseases like COVID-19, he noted. In order to stay healthy and look young, he recommended a diet of lentils, cereals, veggies, and fruits.

Insects and other creatures are now routinely fed to cattle, fowl, pigs, and other animals, therefore the recent outbreak of anthrax is not surprising. This, say European farmers, is the key to explosive expansion. Animals such as cattle, fowl, pigs, goats, and others have developed unusual ailments after being given unnatural substances.
Animals have been linked to the origin of pandemic diseases like COVID-19.
We could be healthy and age gracefully if we ate nothing but lentils, grains, vegetables, and fruits.
Parkson Edjeketa, a minister who is both a vegetarian and an expert on animals, has said that the bacteria that causes deadly anthrax can be found in dirt.
Animals and wildlife are just as susceptible to infection as the plant-based diets of vegetarians and vegans.
He suggested that a vegetarian diet would be the best defense against anthrax.
He also pointed out that God uses unusual diseases like AIDS, diabetes, kwashiorkor, cancer, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. as penalties for people being disobedient.
Traditional ruler and Archbishop Evans Nwansi of Imo State responded to the anthrax scare by saying, “Let’s not be academic about the outbreak of this disease.”As in heaven, so on earth will the Holy Spirit carry out God’s will. Therefore, this event is a necessary condition for the fulfillment of His plan.

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