Favorite teams are predicted by supercomputers to win trophies

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The teams with the best odds to win the UEFA Champions League this season have been predicted by a supercomputer.Remember that last season, Manchester City won the Champions League?

Nonetheless, Pep Guardiola’s team is the favorite to win the Champions League once more this season, according to Opta’s supercomputer.

The Premier League winners’ chances of winning the Europe top division are 36.4 percent.

Real Madrid (13.1%) and Bayern Munich (12.9%) are their closest competitors.

With a 7.5% chance of winning the trophy, Arsenal has the fourth-best chance.

In addition, the Gunners have a 15.9 percent chance of making it to the Champions League final, just slightly better than Inter Milan’s 15.3 and Barcelona’s 14.3 percent.

Nevertheless, compared to other participating teams like Newcastle, Manchester United has been assigned a lesser chance of winning the Champions League.


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