Four community leaders and one prince were imprisoned for cheating the former Speaker of Osun of N38 million

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Five defendants were found guilty by a Federal High Court in Osogbo of cheating Timothy Owoeye, the former Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, of N38 million and posting his naked footage online.

On October 19, 2018, the following defendants were arraigned in court: Kazeem Agbabiaka, Femi Oyebode, Abdul-Rasheed Ojonla, Babatunde Oluajo, Adebiyi Kehinde, Oyebanji Oyeniyi, and Ismaila Azeez.

Justice Emmanuel Ayoola found the five people guilty of charges including conspiracy, advance-fee fraud, and cyberstalking when he delivered the verdict on Tuesday.

Adebiyi was found guilty of cyberstalking, while community leaders Agbabiaka, Oyebode, Ojonla, and Babatunde (Prince) were found guilty of conspiracy and advance-fee fraud.

Judge Ayoola proved that the prisoners had defrauded the Speaker of N38 million and had uploaded a video of him in his underwear online in an attempt to discredit him and demand more money.

The judge said that most victims of comparable incidents tend to avoid going public after declaring that the accused pose a serious threat to society.

The first and second defendants, Kazeem Agbabiaka, Femi Oyebode, and Babatunde Oluajo, respectively, were found guilty on the first and second count charges of conspiracy and collecting money by false pretense. As a result, they were sentenced to five years in jail.

On the fourth and fifth counts of harassing someone online, he did, however, release and acquit Ismaila Azeez, the seventh defendant, while Kehinde Oseni was found guilty of the same allegation and given a five-year prison sentence.

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