Giorgio Chiellini offers advice to MLS clubs on how to defend against Lionel Messi

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Giorgio Chiellini, a legend with Juventus, has given teams in Major League Soccer (MLS) advice on how to defend against Lionel Messi, captain of Inter Miami.

When asked if he was surprised by Messi’s fantastic debut with Inter Miami, Chiellini said he wasn’t.

Messi is not a ‘normal player,’ and MLS clubs should take additional measures to counter him, in his opinion.

So far in three games, Messi has scored five goals for Inter Miami.

I was not shocked by [Messi’s stellar play for Inter Miami]. “Perhaps this league is surprised,” Chiellini commented (via AS USA).

I believe MLS clubs should improve their efforts to stop Messi.

It’s a great error,” the Italian continued, “if you assume that Messi is a normal player. That’s a long time to go without seeing him, 15 years.

If Sergio Busquets has the ball and you’re not marking Lionel Messi, perhaps you don’t have a television at home. The other teams should apply a little more pressure, in my opinion.

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