Gov. Sule delivers Nasarawa State’s N199.9 billion budget for 2024

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Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule submitted the N199.9 billion budget for 2024 to the State House of Assembly on Friday for approval.

Sule presented the “Budget of Renewed Commitment,” stating that N86 billion in capital expenditures (or 44% of the total) and N112 billion in recurrent expenditures (or 56% of the total) make up the budget.

According to the governor, the budget’s goals were to start new initiatives and finish current ones for the state’s overall development.

The rule of law, accountability, and openness would remain the cornerstones of Sule’s administration’s policies, he declared.

With great pleasure, I present to you the N199. 8 billion overall budget for the 2024 fiscal year. Recurrent expenses are allocated a total of N111.9 billion, or 56% of the entire budget. For 2024, a total of N86, 954,019,755.50—or 44% of the whole budget—has been put aside for capital expenditures, the speaker stated.

Sule stated that in order to raise the people’s standard of living, the administration has given infrastructure development top priority.

The following is the budget for each of the several sectors: Administrative Sector: N41.9 billion for education; N27.5 billion for health; N5.5 billion for the environment; N6.3 billion for local government; and N13.1 billion for finance.

“N3.8 billion went to trade and investment; N1.7 billion went to the Ministry of Science and Technology; N22.7 billion went to the Ministry of Works; N41.9 billion went to water resources; N8.6 billion went to lands and urban development; N4.3 billion went to the State Assembly; and N2.6 billion went to information, culture, and tourism,” he stated.

If the budget is ultimately signed into law, Governor Sule promised that it will be implemented in full.

The acting Speaker of the House, Mr. Abel Bala, promised that the budget will be enacted quickly after receiving it.

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