Ice Prince: Only MI Abaga And Mode 9 Can Outrap Me

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Popular Nigerian rapper Ice Prince, whose real name is Panshak Zamani, has boasted that no other rapper in the nation can defeat him in a one-on-one rap battle.
This was said by Ice Prince when he was a guest on Echo Room’s The Linkup podcast. He claimed that the only people who could compete with him head-to-head were MI Abaga and Mode 9.

He declared that only the legendary rappers MI and Mode 9 would be able to defeat him in a rap battle. He asserted that he would easily destroy every rapper placed against him.

To quote him:

“If you put me on a beat with any of the so-called rappers and say, ‘Make we rap,’ I assure you that none of them can out-rap me; if not, maybe MI or Mode 9 can.”

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