If Manchester City is found guilty of more than 115 charges, I will make a decision about my professional future said Pep Guardiola

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Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has stated that he will not make a decision regarding his future until the Etihad side is penalized for violating financial regulations.

On Friday, Guardiola made this statement while responding to inquiries from members of the media.

It was asked of the ex-Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager whether he would step down as manager of the Premier League champions in the event that they were docked points or relegated.

In response, Guardiola said, “That’s a terrific question. I will respond once I have the sentence in front of me.

“I feel like I’m being questioned as if we’ve been disciplined. At this time, we have done nothing wrong.

“But just you wait and see; once the sentence is finished, and after that, I will sit down and explain.”

“If we are accepted into the League, there is a greater possibility that I will remain here.”

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