In Kwara, kidnappers attacked the farm of a former senator, killing one

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Biodun Ajibola, a relative of Simeon Suleiman Ajibola, a former Senator who represented Kwara South in the National Assembly, was shot and killed by kidnappers, according to the Kwara State Police Command.

On Monday at Isapa, Ekiti Local Government of the state, armed men reportedly stormed the farm settlement of the former senator and killed Biodun Ajibola, said to be a supervisor in the facility.

According to the news, Ajibola was shot dead in cold blood after he tried to fight off his abductors in the farm.

It was said that the armed men invaded the farm at roughly 8 a.m. on the day in question.

On Monday night, a trusted family member revealed that kidnappers had failed in their effort to abduct Felix Segun Adeleye, the farm supervisor’s driver, after they had spotted approaching motorcyclists.

According to the informant, the kidnappers left the injured driver on the roadside while pursuing the bikers.

After giving the bikers a spirited chase, it was unclear if the criminals had succeeded in kidnapping them.

Senator Simeon Ajibola was not present, and thank God for that. It’s possible they planned to abduct him. Unfortunately, the farm’s supervisor was not so fortunate; he was killed when the kidnappers stormed the farm.

“Senator Ajibola’s driver attached to the late supervisor was wounded, and he is currently in the hospital in Ilorin receiving treatment,” the source added.

For confirmation that the gunmen were kidnappers, the source added, “The driver told me that they attempted to take him away after killing the supervisor of the farm, but they abandoned him when they saw some motorcyclists and faced them.”

Ekiti Local Government Area’s Osi Police Divisional Headquarters received the information, and the body of Ajibola was removed.

SP Kwara state police command spokesman Ajayi Okasanmi confirmed the event and said the body had been removed from the area.

He also mentioned that the police were actively searching for the criminals.

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