In order to combat insecurity, CP Danmamman requests the army’s understanding and cooperation

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In order to combat insecurity in the state, CP Shawulu Ebenezer Danmamman, the Commissioner of Police for Niger State, has asked for mutual understanding and collaboration between the Nigerian Army and the police.

Danmamman made this statement while paying a courtesy call at the headquarters of the 31 Artillery Brigade in Minna to the Brigade Commander, Brig. Gen. H. Bobbo.

He claims that in order to address insecurity in the state, both agencies should work together given the circumstances in Niger State and the neighboring states.

“Despite tactical deployments throughout the State, the two agencies must collaborate to find a path forward,” he stated.

The CP then expressed his gratitude to the Commander and the formation’s strategic officers for their cordial welcome.

In response, Brig. Gen. H. Bobbo said he had a friendly connection with the former Commissioner of Police and guaranteed the Commissioner of the Brigade’s cooperation and collaboration in changing the narratives.

“A robust relationship covers both official and personal engagements,” stated the Brigade Commander. He described the many cooperative connections that have existed between the State’s Police and Army while briefing the CP.

While collaboration and synergy have always existed, sharing intelligence has been a great way to keep them going. The Army will keep assisting the Police in their role as the head organization for domestic security.

“The Army has been trying to ensure more coverage in the State due to the large nature of the State,” he continued. “As a result, 18 Brigade had just been established in Tegina for wider coverage and operational spread.”


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