Kwara Fire Department prevents Disaster on Boxing Day

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The state capital of Kwara, Ilorin, was spared a huge fire tragedy on Tuesday thanks to the quick action of fire service personnel.

The brigade was notified at approximately 06:41 hours when a tanker carrying 20 tons of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) with registration number KW 117XB was reported to be leaking heavily, according to Hassan Adekunle, the Service’s spokesman.

After leaving the station right away, the fire crew found that the tanker’s loose valve was the source of the dangerous leak.

The truck driver was able to shut the valve after they effectively cooled the tank by starting their job.

“A substantial leakage persisted despite the attempts, therefore in order to prevent any future tragedies, the fire crew accompanied the tanker to its destination, Imam Filling Station.

He continued, “The Kwara State Fire Service employees made sure the LPG was syphoned safely.”

Falade Olumuyiwa, the director of the Kwara State Fire Service, praised the workers for their prompt action.

He also exhorted the populace to put safety first.

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