Latest news: gang violence breaks out in Lagos market, leading to 50 arrests and several injuries (Photos)

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At Ile-Epo market in the Abule Egba district of Lagos State, rumored thugs have clashed, setting fire to stores and merchandise.

According to Vanguard’s reporting, a disagreement arose between traders on Wednesday night regarding a betting game.

The argument reportedly escalated into an ethnic brawl, which criminals subsequently used as cover.

Traders and consumers fled for cover when a portion of the market was engulfed in flames during the altercation.

Police spokesman Benjamin Hundeyin said Thursday that the Oko-Odo division’s operatives had intervened to bring the region back to normalcy.

The shanties they lived in were demolished, forcing the suspects to flee, and fifty of them have been apprehended thus far.

“The commissioner of police, Lagos state command, CP Adegoke Fayoade, mni, has directed the prompt prosecution of the arrested hoodlums and has equally warned that the command would decisively deal with anyone found breaching the peace, in accordance with the law,” the police command stated.

Looting and burning of businesses occurred throughout the crisis, and fighting persisted on Thursday morning.

According to what our reporter has heard, some people were hurt in the altercation. Every single store in the market is closed.

At the same time, members of the Rapid Response Team (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command have taken into custody an unknown number of individuals in connection with the confrontation that occurred on Thursday between various criminal gangs.

Many individuals were hurt and property was destroyed in the confrontation that broke out in the early hours.

The Lagos Assembly has issued a directive to market traders, saying, “Register before operating.”
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An activist has pleaded with the police to apprehend the criminals responsible for the devastation of her mother’s home.

An anonymous senior RRS security officer indicated that the operation resulted in the arrest of several offenders who will face appropriate prosecution.

Supposedly, a quarrel erupted between the two factions on Wednesday night and lasted all the way into Thursday morning at a nearby market about who should be responsible for collecting truck taxes.

Meanwhile, security forces, including RRS, were observed monitoring the area after restoring calm on Thursday, starting at 1:30 pm.

The thugs first resisted police assistance, but they were eventually overcome.

The hoodlums also attacked the fire engines that had been sent out to put out the fire, forcing them to turn around.

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