Ngbo community addresses claims that young people attacked Agila traders

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The Ngbo Leaders Council in Ohaukwu Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, refuted on Wednesday the report that misbehaving youths attacked Agila businessmen at Okwo-ngbo market.

The group said that no Ngbo youths attacked Agila youths or traders at the market in a statement provided to reporters in Abakaliki and signed by the President and Secretary-General, Mr. Okeh C. Okeh, Mr. Emmanuel Etu Odo, and Mr. Cyril Obazi, the chairman of the Ngbo/Agila Inter-community Peace and Reconciliation Committee.

In response to a recent publication that claimed that youngsters in Okwo-ngbo had battered Agila traders, the group’s leadership voiced resentment and fury, warning that the article may spark another crisis between the Ngbo and Agila interstate towns.

Remember that for the past 122 years, the Ngbo people in Ohaukwu Local Government Area in Ebonyi State and Agila in Ado Local Government Area in Benue State have been involved in a communal war that has claimed hundreds of lives and caused billions of naira’s worth of property damage.

It was learned that on November 18, 2023, the local and state administrations of the impacted areas, along with the leaders of the two communities, Ngboejogu and Agila, signed a peace deal pledging to give up their weapons of mass destruction and adopt a peaceful lifestyle.

A portion of the document says: “There was no disturbance of the day’s commercial activities in Okwo Ngbo Market; Ngbo youths did not attack Agila youths.”

On November 18, 2023, the two interstate neighbors completely gave up using their weapons of mass destruction and embraced peace. Since then, the inhabitants of Agila and Ngbo have been traveling to see one another, buying and selling in the same market, and staying together without worrying about being attacked or molested.

The Ngbo Leaders Council went on to say that the report was dishonest, illogical, and without foundation. The Ngbo Leaders Council takes this report seriously, given the urgency of the matter and the sensitivity of the misreported information.

“We urge the broader public, particularly our Agila neighbors, to disregard the baseless report and proceed with their regular activities, such as purchasing and vending at Okwo Ngbo Market,” the organization declared.

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