Niger Coup: Customs CG Warns of Compromise on Borders with Benin and Cameroon

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Acting Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Bashir Adeniyi has issued a warning against any border compromise in Benin Republic, Cameroon, and other countries after Niger Republic closed its borders.

Adeniyi also issued an order prohibiting the shipment of any items intended for the Republic of Niger through the Customs jurisdiction.

To take action against the military junta in the West African country, Nigeria closed its land borders with the Niger Republic.

Adeniyi warned that criminals could try to cross land borders with countries like Benin and Cameroon to breach into or transport weapons into Niger Republic.

He made this statement on Sunday during an official visit to the National Civil Service (NCS) headquarters in Idiroko, Ogun State.

He assured reporters that the northern borders were “100%” closed between Nigeria and Niger.

He urged the customs officers and other border guards to remain on high alert and fight back against any attempt to compromise national security.

“We are all aware of the situation in our northern neighbor, Republic of Niger,” Adeniyi remarked. In response to a national presidential directive from President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Bola Tinubu, Nigeria has closed its borders with Niger and is closely monitoring the situation there in his capacity as Chairman of the ECOWAS authorities of heads of state.

This past week, I made a working trip to several of those borders, and I can say with confidence that the measure has been fully implemented everywhere I went. If that happens, anyone trying to smuggle goods into the country may look for other entry points. This is why you need to have your guard up at all times.

To cross into Niger via a path that isn’t typically used by them would require compromise anywhere we have borders. For the time being, you are to seize any and all transit commodities heading into Niger. If products are being shipped to Niger Republic via Nigeria’s customs, they must be halted.

We must also use extreme caution at this time. Because our nation’s enemies continue to plot against us. Those who seek to sow discord in the country continue their activities.

You’ll remember the events of around two weeks ago, when some groups sneaked weapons across the border by adapting some of the blueprints we have here. This should serve as a cautionary tale that there is never a moment of restraint you can afford. You need to be completely on the lookout and aware at all times. Be prepared at all times. You need to build a network of people in your area who can provide you with credible and relevant information. And you have to figure out how to collaborate with the other agencies that are helping you strengthen national security.

Adeniyi, who also met with Benin Republic’s security authorities, urged the two countries to work together in their fight against crime.

While President Bola Tinubu and President Patrice Talon of the Benin Republic are working on economic and security agreements, he added, the two countries’ security chiefs should work together.

He urged that law enforcement authorities from both countries demonstrate their willingness to cooperate in the battle against crime.

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