Nigeria should avoid going to war with Niger for these 10 reasons, according to Bwala

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Daniel Bwala, a media aide to Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in 2023, has outlined 10 reasons why Nigeria should not get involved in the upcoming battle with Niger Republic.

Bwala expressed concern that a war with Niger Republic would constitute a confrontation between Russia and NATO.

He expressed concern that Russian involvement in Nigeria could lead to Russian infiltration of the Nigerian armed forces.

Bwala expressed concern that militants in Nigeria could obtain weaponry from the Kremlin.

This was revealed in a series of tweets he posted under the heading “Why we must avoid war with Niger.”

According to the tweets, “that fight is not Niger’s fight, it’s a champions league finals between Russia and NATO.” Let’s not take sides in this dispute.

“If we strike, all Kremlin-friendly West African and non-West African regimes would sabotage the fight.

It’s possible that the decision may irritate the people of the Northern states that border Niger, and that could have unintended consequences.

Terrorists and militants operating within our borders may receive aid and resources from hostile nations.

Among the acute poverty and bad economic standards in Nigeria, our already-weary security forces may get disheartened, which will have repercussions for their families back home.

The crisis in Nigeria could prompt Russia to stir up our own armed forces.

You don’t want to anger your neighbors, and we’re all neighbors here in west Africa.

If the Chair of ECOWAS is forced to use Nigerian resources to pay the war and the community, including the money saved on fuel subsidies, the situation in Nigeria is likely to worsen.

It’s possible that our Western allies won’t provide the level of assistance we expect from them and would rather the situation drag on.

This conflict has the potential to create an economic catastrophe that benefits Russia and NATO at the expense of Africa. They say, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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