NYSC Director General Warns Corps Members to Be Culturally Sensitive

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Members of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, have been cautioned to respect the norms of their host communities and refrain from doing anything that could bring them into conflict with their fellow service members throughout their year of service.

Brigadier General Yusha’u Dogara Ahmed, Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, gave this speech to corps members at the Adamawa State Orientation Camp in Damare, Girei Local Government Area.

The Director General also paid a visit to his or her counterparts at the Taraba State Orientation Camp in Simbre.

He urged the corps members in both locations to make the most of their time after the orientation course by immersing themselves in their new surroundings, getting to know the locals, and incorporating some of their ideals into their own lives.

General Ahmed also warned them to take care of their own safety and avoid any risky behaviour.

He mentioned that the NYSC Byelaws include penalties for things like inappropriate uniform wear and unapproved travel throughout the service year.

The DG cautioned against abusing social media and suggested instead using it “for the promotion of national unity and integration, self development, and other meaningful activities.”

“Don’t do drugs, don’t go to illegal gatherings, and always wear NYSC-approved attire,” he emphasised.

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