Ohanaeze, IPOB’s umbrella organization, has backed Nnamdi Kanu in his dispute with Simon Ekpa over a proposed sit-in

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu’s handwritten letter to self-proclaimed Biafra agitator Simon Ekpa was verified as genuine by the Ohanaeze Ndigbo sociocultural organization on Saturday.

Ohanaeze claimed Kanu wrote the letter in response to Ekpa’s plan to use the sit-in to destabilize the Southeast in just two weeks.

The group said that Ekpa’s insistence that Kanu’s letter was forged demonstrated that the Finland-based agitator was working for those intent on destroying the Southeast.

The leading Igbo social and cultural group pointed out that Ekpa used the Federal Government’s mistakes in releasing Kanu to fuel instability in the region.

Speaking with EBANTAL, Ohanaeze factional Secretary-General Okechukwu Isiguzoro stated, “The current face-off between Simon Ekpa and Nnamdi Kanu is proof that he has been using Kanu’s detention to frighten the people of the Southeast.

To scare the people of the Southeast, he took advantage of the Federal Government’s mistake of not releasing Kanu on bail.

He is working for the enemies of Ndigbo to destabilize the region by exploiting the weak link in order to unleash terror on the Southeast. The backers of Ekpa are the same ones that are trying to destabilize the Southeast.

Given the entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbo people, we have concluded that it is the height of terrorism for Kanu to have written a letter to Ekpa, and we have verified through independent sources that the letter is authentic.

“That letter is legit; Ekpa understands that if he complies with Kanu, he would lose the support of those who are paying him to destroy Southeast Asia.

The fact that Ekpa defied Kanu’s request shows that he is backed by people who want insecurity to persist in Southeast Asia.

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