On all roads and highways in Enugu, Gov. Mbah has banned the collecting of levies and tolls

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Highway and road tolls have been outlawed by the government of Enugu State.

The state government stated on Monday that the ban will go into effect immediately and formed a task group to ensure compliance.

A statement issued under Professor Chidiebere Onyia’s signature as Secretary to the State Government (SSG) issued a strong warning to anybody who might be tempted to engage in the prohibited activity, saying that they would face legal consequences if they did so.

The state government has made it clear that it takes a dim view of those who create a nuisance on public roads by using any means necessary (including violence) to extort money from trucks carrying goods, farm products, and livestock within the state.

A ban on the collecting of levies and tolls along highways and roads in the state by individuals or groups of individuals ostensibly working on behalf of government was announced by Onyia. They have been warned via public announcement to leave all state roads and highways immediately, with dire penalties for any who do not comply.

The current government is committed to removing hurdles to the ease of conducting business in the state, he added, and the anti-business activities of syndicates operating on the highways and roads were in direct conflict with that goal.

The SSG cautioned the current administration not to merely talk about its promise to increase Enugu’s economy by a factor of seven by fostering economic activity, facilitating private sector investments, and offering incentives to boost productive sectors like agriculture and agro-allied activities.

In addition, he promised that the government would back entrepreneurs and investors who were up for doing legal business that benefited the country.

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