Osun releases a policy document on safe pregnancy termination

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An official policy paper regarding safe pregnancy termination and its legal indications in Osun State has been released by the state government.

The state government claims that the policy’s goal is to enhance healthcare delivery services throughout the state, with a focus on issues related to mother and child health.

The policy document was released in Osogbo by Dr. Akindele Adekunle, Governor Ademola Adeleke’s Special Advisor on Public Health.

Adekunle stated that the majority of the deaths had known causes and could have been avoided. Nigeria was found to have the second-highest burden of maternal mortality globally, after India.

After India, Nigeria now has the second-highest rate of maternal mortality worldwide. The majority of these fatalities have established causes and can be avoided.

“Identifying and preventing every common preventable cause of maternal mortality must now be the top priority for Nigeria, as the country joins the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) campaign to end all preventable maternal deaths by 2030.

More so, unsafe abortion practices are a key contributor to avoidable maternal deaths in Osun State. In order to implement moral and secure management, the goal of this Osun State policy paper, according to him, is to increase the ability of medical experts to recognize pregnancies for which the law is meant.

Adekunle urged media stakeholders to help guarantee that the guidelines and policy paper are properly distributed to the public for the good of society.

“The state’s health status will improve with the dissemination of this important policy document, which will improve the provision of quality reproductive health services to women of childbearing age.”

In order to ensure that the policy document is implemented effectively, Dr. Emmanuel Ajah, the Country Director of MSI Nigeria Reproductive Choices, the primary development partner working with the state government on its creation, requested the cooperation of key stakeholders.

He emphasized how important it is to make sure medical professionals are aware of the legal guidelines for safe pregnancy termination.

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