Our Members Were Victims Of Violence, Threats, and Intimidation During Lagos Governor Elections — APC

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State has denied allegations that some of its members were involved in electoral violence during the March 18 governorship and state house of assembly elections in the State, asserting the opposite to be true.

Remember that there were inflammatory posts on social media before the election, primarily comments that inflamed racial tensions between the Igbo and Yoruba populations of Lagos.

Musiliu Akinsanya, the head of the Lagos State Parks Management Committee. k. a. If Igbos do not support the APC during the election, MC Oluomo threatened to keep them inside in a viral video.

Videos of thugs stealing ballot boxes, intimidating people who would not vote for a particular Party, disrupting the voting process at various polling places, and other electoral irregularities were visible on election day.

However, the ruling APC, which won both the Lagos governorship election on March 18 and the presidential election on February 25 and emerged victorious in both contests, asserted that some voters who were unhappy with the results of the elections were holding meetings on Twitter Space to discuss how to disturb the peace of the State.

In a press conference held on Thursday in Ikeja to inform the media of the results of the March 18 governorship and state house of assembly elections, the party’s publicity secretary, Seye Oladejo, said the opposition claimed that the APC threatened and intimidated voters to taint the election’s results.

Said Oladejo

“On the contrary, violence and intimidation were primarily directed against our members. Many of them are still receiving medical attention in hospitals, where staff members are battling to preserve their lives.

“The accusation that voters were threatened and intimidated is a common example of the aggressor playing the victim tactic in action. How else can the case of Omatseye Iseli be explained? k. A Tee Mac, a leader of the Labour Party, boasted about going to a polling place with wild dogs and then jumped into the media the next day to claim intimidation after it was obvious that his party had terribly lost in the governor’s race.

There are 13,325 polling places in Lagos State, and 130 of them, or 1% of them, have reported disturbances, according to the records. That is too minuscule, in my opinion, for anyone to use as evidence that the election was unfair. In other words, we cannot under any circumstances claim that this has thrown into question the validity of the election.

We must add that there is no basis for the false report that APC members used violence during the election. Pure fiction, that is.

In every corner of the state, the party has supporters, members, and allies. It has no justification for supporting violence. “.

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