Plateau: Tinubu responds as robbers blow up 17 towns, murder 115 people, and kidnap several others

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On Tuesday, President Bola Tinubu denounced the vicious bandit attacks in the Plateau State local government areas (LGAs) of Barkin-Ladi and Bokkos that resulted in the deaths of over 115 people.

According to the Ebantel, the gunmen broke into the local councils on Christmas Eve, killing at least 115 residents and setting 17 towns on fire.

Numerous locals are still missing, according to state governor Caleb Mutfwang, who in an interview on Tuesday verified the attack’s death toll and degree of destruction.

In a statement released on Tuesday in Abuja, Tinubu’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, addressed the attack.

According to the statement, Tinubu has ordered security services to enter the area right now, search every square inch of it, and capture the offenders.

In addition, the President oversaw the prompt mobilization of medical assistance for the injured and relief funds for the attack’s surviving victims.

The President of Nigeria gave Nigerians the assurance that “the envoys of death, pain, and sorrow would not escape justice” while expressing his condolences to the Plateau government and people.

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