Please accept my posts in good faith. FCT Minister assigns corps members to responsibilities related to production

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Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, the Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) Minister of State, has urged graduates participating in the one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program to direct their talent toward worthwhile endeavors.

At the 2023 Batch ‘C’ Stream I Orientation Course conclusion ceremony on Tuesday at the NYSC Orientation Camp in Kubwa, Abuja, Mahmoud presided.

She exhorted the corps members to use their abilities to forge a strong, cohesive, and affluent society that prioritizes production over consumerism.

The development of the nation and socioeconomic advancements are two areas that are crucial to the nation.

The FCTA has faith that you, as upcoming leaders, will use your abilities and potential to establish a more cohesive, wealthy, and manufacturing-focused country.

In light of that, she urged them to swiftly settle down and accept their posts in order to support the development of the country.

As the graduates enter FCT areas for their initial job, the minister cautioned them to observe the law and maintain peace.

She says that if they behave peacefully, people will come to love, accept, and support them for the duration of their service year.

“Therefore, I implore you to work hard so that future generations will talk highly of you,” she stated.

She promised serving corps members that their lives and property would be safe at all service areas, even if she acknowledged that security of lives and property remained the top priority in the FCT.

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