Releasing Nnamdi Kanu – Representatives Deputy Speaker, Kalu

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release from custody has given rise to optimism, according to Rt. Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

According to Ebantel, Kanu, the head of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, or IPOB, has been detained for a considerable amount of time. The Supreme Court just ordered a retrial for him.

Numerous protests, such as the Monday sit-at-homes being held in the South-East, have been sparked by his arrest.

However, speaking digitally on Tuesday’s “South East Political Roundtable,” a current affairs radio program on FLO FM in Umuahia, Kalu stated that negotiations to release Kanu were still in progress.

Nonetheless, he cautioned the young people to make sure that sit-at-home days are no longer observed, pointing out that this is frightening many investors who wish to support the growth of the area.

In addition to discussing the benefits of the recently launched Peace In South East Project (PISE-P) in Bende Local Government Area, Abia State, Kalu urged those in possession of weapons to give them up and support the non-violent strategy being advocated to put an end to the security issues and other forms of public unrest.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government needs support to function as best it can, and Kalu said that the president cares about the South-East’s development.

“We can’t post all of our plans and programs on social media,” he stated. He is my sibling. Is he involved in our current endeavors? Indeed! Our goal is to see to it that he is freed. Who would want to see their sibling imprisoned?

“We operate below ground. There is a thorough plan in place. It’s not through violence; using violence to pressure the government is impossible. It won’t work and has never worked. Let’s gain more insight. Peace be with the knowledge. Shake off the violence, please.

It won’t function if it’s disorganized. Come on, let’s relax. Let the man know that you acknowledge that he had nothing to do with the South-East and that he was not a factor in his imprisonment.

“Instead of attacking him, we ought to stand with him and his administration. Preaching peace, I’m fiercely opposing the voice of violence. That is my purpose in being here; he will emerge when this voice of peace reverberates throughout the villa. Mr. President expressed his happiness with the events in Bende, believing that the nation as a whole might come together to support this endeavor.

“The exhibition of an Igbo man’s might is not found in the number of firearms we carry or the number of people we threaten to not come out on Monday.

“This is my call to our people: Igbo men are not lazy people who like to spend their Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at home and only work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We are hardworking, rebuilders, and we are never down. When we are, we find a way to get back up, raise our shoulders, and start the rebuilding process again.

We are able to include you in the reconstruction process. You are welcome to join us in the reconciliation. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is interested in the Igbo people, and we can bring you in for rehabilitation.

“Observe what he has accomplished by awarding us the Chief of Naval Staff, something we haven’t had in the previous eight years. Did I just bring up the Chief of Naval Staff? What about my dear friend, Senator Dave Umahi, the Minister of Works?

“The only way we can repay the president is by saying there won’t be any work on Monday. Mr. President gave the ministry of works to an Igbo son who had proven himself in Ebonyi, and he said, come and build what you did in Ebonyi across the entire Nigeria, starting from the five states of the South-East.

“Observe what transpired when 15 Igbo billionaires came together in Bende for the first time. This is to inform you that they are prepared to establish factories that will employ you and bring their industry here; thus, why do you scare them away? Your government cannot fulfill all of your needs.

“Our wealthy brothers wish to send their wealth home.” You are frightening away some of them, even though they want to do it. How much longer will we instill terror in our people?

“The year is new. We are in a new era. I implore you to come and join us as we begin a new day. You will take the lead on this initiative, we promise. Instead of leading those with firearms, let’s assign you a duty or a responsibility.

And I’m calling on everyone who is in favor of Monday’s sit-at-home protest to give up. It’s time to give up spending Mondays at home.

If your concern is with Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom, then know that we adore our Igbo homeland, our brother, and he is my brother. He is still my brother despite being imprisoned, and you are still my brother despite your agitation.

However, I’m arguing that there’s a better method to finish it. A rat can be killed in a variety of ways. Let’s search for alternative methods to get rid of this rat without ruining our house.

“Let’s get together and form a unity. I promise that once we do, there is nothing we can’t ask this government for—including the one you’re requesting for our brother—it is also attainable.”

Additionally, Kalu expressed gratitude to the governors of the five eastern states for their support of PISE-P.

The deputy speaker emphasized that the project was solely focused on community service and claimed that it had no political overtones.

“You cannot function without the governors of the several states in the Southeast. They’re all for peace in the Southeast, I can tell you of that. They are all in favor of this. They fully support you.

“You don’t just let the governors do the work. We play from the bottom, let them play from the top, and then meet in the middle. Next, resolve our issues.

“The South-East Peace Project is about a community project based on peace, not politics. Members of the PISE-P come from a variety of political parties as a result.

“I promise that the South-East will change as a result of this endeavor. There is hope for all the boys brandishing firearms because we will find them profitable jobs so they won’t be thrown away.

Additionally, Kalu declared that there was no conflict of interest between Ohanaeze Ndigbo and PISE-P.

He claims that Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, the President-General of the highest Igbo sociocultural group, was initially informed about the initiative’s concept. He also states that he fully supports the proposal.

What conflict of interest? He wholeheartedly endorses this endeavor. He has a strong desire for Igbo land to be united and peaceful. With him, we are partnering,” declared Kalu.

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