The Ebonyi government’s projected 2024 budget is N204 billion

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The 2024 state budget, according to Ebonyi State Governor Francis Nwifuru, will reflect the “people’s chatter of needs” in the region.

According to NAN, the state government projected that the 2024 budget would cost a total of N204 billion.

In Abakaliki, Nwifuru delivered the statement in honor of the community-based input on the proposed budget for 2024.

His top goals for the year were the ministries of human capital development, works, education, and health.

The governor said that the state would start assisting residents in acquiring new skills in the area of human capital development.

“We will make sure that, throughout the year, we engage our folks who have been hawking in various parts of the nation with a variety of abilities.

“We will make significant investments in the educational sector because our people deserve high-quality education as well. We intend to enroll no less than 300 graduates in master’s programs on scholarship. We intend to redesign both the elementary and secondary education systems.

The State Commissioner for Finance, Leonard Uguru, stated earlier in his analysis that the state has N71.3 billion for recurrent spending and N132.8 billion for capital expenditures.

In 2024, Uguru expressed optimism that the state administration is working to improve good governance for the people and grow the economy.

“The government of Ebonyi State has proposed approximately N204 billion for 2024,” he stated.

In his opinion, Mr. Chidi Igboji, Chairman of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) Ebonyi chapter, encouraged the state government to include laborers in its development plans and to give governmental servants permanent housing.

According to NAN, other organizations have also promised their assistance in making sure the administration is successful in 2024. These organizations include the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), and the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC).

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