The Enugu government secures the certificates of return from INEC

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The Independence Layout’s BON Platinum Hotel hall has been sealed by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, or ECTDA.

In that location, Peter Mbah, Ifeanyi Ossai, the newly elected governor, and members of the House of Assembly received certificates from the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC.

A structural flaw on Thursday during the distribution of the winners’ certificates of return had resulted in a loud noise.

The recipients, their family members, INEC officials, and others scrambled for safety as a result of the bang’s ensuing chaos.

The building’s lack of an approval plan was found by the ECTDA during a Friday inspection, which was also the case with another building that was being built.

According to the Chairman, Josef Onoh, the hall would be closed while additional integrity checks were conducted.

“The owner is unwilling to wait patiently for the Nigeria Society of Engineers to arrive for their own inspection.

“Wanting to host a wedding there tomorrow. Since the venue can’t be moved, I wonder how much she made, Onoh said.

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