The Jigawa State National Liberation Council (NLC) has joined the protests against subsidy cuts and has demanded swift action to alleviate the resulting hardship

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On Wednesday, members of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) from Jigawa State joined their colleagues from around the country to demonstrate against the hardships that Nigerians are currently facing as a result of the elimination of the fuel subsidy.

Members of the many different labor unions that were represented gathered at the Dutse Eid ground before taking to the streets and eventually reaching Government House.

The state chairman of the NLC, Comrade Sanusi Alasan Maigatari, addressed the crowd and said that the action was taken to protest the federal government’s policies that cause hardship for Nigerians.

To get the attention of the authorities, we began with a nationwide demonstration. While we await orders from Washington, DC, we shall keep up this effort.

The government must move quickly to enact policies that will ease the plight of the average citizen.

“Nigerians are dying of hunger and hardship because they can’t afford to go to hospitals,” Maigatari said. “Workers are spending 70 per cent of their salaries to go to their place of work.”

The deputy governor of Jigawa State, Aminu Usman Gumel, addressed the demonstrators on behalf of the governor and vowed to pass along the NLC’s message.

He urged the demonstrators to follow the law and said he would take their concerns into account.

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