The NCC has issued a warning against the distribution and use of equipment that has not been type-approved

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a warning to business owners and other interested parties about the potential implications of dealing in phones and other telecommunications devices that have not been approved by the NCC.

With “protection of the rights and interests of consumers” as its primary goal, the Nigerian Communications Act (2003) gives the NCC a variety of responsibilities, including the certification of telecom devices used in the telecom sector.

Gray market suppliers are suspected of supplying the Nigerian market with non-type certified telecom gear, which are known to reduce network quality.

At the recent 5th edition of Market Conversation, a telecom consumer outreach programme of NCC, held at the GSM Village in Abuja, the Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau, Dr. Emilia Nwokoro, spoke on behalf of the Executive Vice President of the NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, and said that the event was part of the Commission’s sensitization efforts to address the issue.

She noted the importance of raising awareness among market vendors about the potential legal consequences of dealing in counterfeit or otherwise unapproved products.

To educate the dealers on the risks of selling unapproved gadgets is the primary goal of my visit here today. She explained that the NCC’s efforts to increase awareness to prevent the distribution of substandard products in any market in Nigeria stem from the fact that the NCC established procedures for certifying telecom equipment suitable for sale and use in Nigeria.

She told them that the Commission had developed the process for approval of telecom equipment, and that the NCC website now included information about all permitted device kinds.

Traders can use this data to separate phones that have been type-approved from those that have not.

Macdonald Ajuogu, chairman of Abuja’s GSM Village Market, claimed the union’s task force keeps an eye on the quality and standards of the gadgets sold there, and that the association has procedures in place to deal with any member who breaks the regulations.

Everyone who sells or repairs phones in the market is required to register with the union, and all products sold in the market, including PCs sold in the GSM village, are subject to regular inspection by a special task force.

Ajuogu thanked the NCC for taking the time to visit the wholesalers and educate them on the importance of only selling and buying devices that have been certified and type-approved by the NCC. He also pledged that the wholesalers would do their best to follow the commission’s regulations by checking the list of certified and type-approved devices regularly.

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