The Niger coup’s leaders meet with Emir Sanusi

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The 14th Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has met with the military junta in Niamey in what appears to be an effort to appease the coup leaders in the Niger Republic.

Telegraph stated that the coup leaders were overjoyed by Sanusi’s presence, despite the fact that a call to the Emir went unanswered.

Among the Emir’s demands was that the coup leaders provide a window of opportunity for peaceful answers to the difficulties, and according to an unnamed source, this was done.

The new military junta in the Niger Republic cordially welcomed Sanusi, who was accompanied to Niamey by some of his closest allies and employees.According to reports, the gathering discussed potential solutions to the country’s current impasse.

After the seven-day deadline given to the coupists passed, the ECOWAS leaders will meet on Thursday to discuss the next steps.

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