The Nigerian government will instill patriotism in order to combat banditry and terrorism

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Promoting nationalism and patriotism is a calculated move to reduce violent crimes like kidnapping, terrorism, and banditry in the nation, according to Mohammed Idris, Minister of Information and National Orientation.

Instilling a sense of patriotism among citizens and fostering a strong national identity as a united front against violent crimes is the most reliable way to counter the wave of crime, according to Idris, who made this statement in Abuja on Friday during a courtesy visit from General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff.

“In order for us to achieve the harmony and prosperity that we all desire, the ideas of nationalism, nationhood, and patriotism must resurface. Our principles have been gradually eroding; as Nigerians, we must recapture our ideals and regain our common sense.

“In order to make the proper decisions this time around, we must go back to the drawing board and identify our mistakes.

“I really appreciate you coming. We believe that the cooperation you seek is from all of us working together to combat insurgency and create unity, progress, and peace in this nation. Without the Nigerian media and Nigerians themselves playing a frontal part in this war, there is no way you can win it, the speaker declared.

The minister’s visit, according to General Musa, the CDS, is a component of non-kinetic operations meant to foster cooperation between the military and the media.

“Where information comes from is the best place to start,” the CDS stated. “This is one of the lines of operations that we are conducting to build synergy between the Armed Forces and members of the public.”

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