The ZLP suffers a setback with the resignation of the state youth leader and vice chairman

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Abdulrauf Aseneshi Ladan, Youth Leader of the Zenith Labour Party, and Mallam Muhammad Egye Onyapa, Vice Chairman of Nasarawa State, have both resigned.

The double departure was verified in formal letters dated January 3rd, written to the party’s Chairman in the Obi ward.

According to sources, Ladan’s resignation took effect immediately, and Onyapa followed suit the next day with his resignation letter.

This news follows another blow for the ZLP, as former MP Musa Salihu Iyimoga just left the party.

Iyimoga, who previously represented Doma North Constituency in the 6th Assembly, has joined the All Progressives Congress, APC.

There is conjecture that the resignations of Ladan and Onyapa are part of a bigger trend, with both persons being Iyimoga loyalists.

There are significant indicators that they will stand in solidarity with their former legislator.

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