Tinubu’s cabinet is “a recycling of failed, clueless politicians,” according to the LP

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President Bola Tinubu has been criticized by the Labour Party (LP) over the ministerial list he sent to the Senate.

There was nothing exciting about Tinubu’s list of ministerial aspirants, LP’s National Publicity Secretary Obiora Ifoh said. He blamed Tinubu for repeating some failed and dumb politicians.

Ifoh released a statement in which he claimed Tinubu’s choice of ministers demonstrated his lack of readiness for political leadership.He said, “Nigerians expected more quality, character, dynamic, and result-oriented Nigerians to be on that list, but what we saw is a recycling of some failed and clueless politicians who have contributed to bringing Nigeria to its parlous condition.”

To quote the article: “Some of these nominees played prominent anti-democratic roles in the previous administration, particularly since 2015, which saw the APC government fail in all its promises to Nigerians.”

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