To increase electricity, the minister asks stakeholders to perform better

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Adebayo Adelabu, the Minister of Power, has given all parties involved in the power industry an assignment to perform better in order to increase the nation’s supply of electricity.

Speaking on Thursday in Abuja at the Ministerial Retreat on the energy Policy and Strategic Implementation Plan, Adelabu predicted that improved energy supply will result from the actions of the power sector’s stakeholders.

He continued by saying that he was required to sign a performance bond prior to accepting the position and that anyone discovered to be a roadblock to advancement would not be spared.

“The agencies don’t exist in a vacuum. They were designed to boost output,” he remarked.

Adelabu emphasized that the policy in place for the power industry was past its prime and needed to be reviewed, pointing out that it had been in place since 2001.

He claims that the agreements and policies made at the retreat will help the electricity sector’s transformation roadmap.

“This change will affect every step of the electricity industry’s value chain, from distribution to generating.

“After this retreat, we will develop a set of policies that are generally accepted by all industry participants to guarantee that the sector has a long-lasting and sustainable framework,” he declared.

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