With Operation Crush, Governor Otti cracks down on crime

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The government of Abia State has taken a strong stance against criminal elements by initiating Operation Crush and gifting 20 Toyota vans to various security organizations in the state.

By turning over the vehicles to law enforcement, Governor Otti made it clear that his administration would not deal with criminals and promised that they would not gain control of any territory in Abia.

Otti confirmed that Operation Crush will be a coordinated security watch comprising multiple security agencies, with the goal of identifying and crushing criminals who endanger the peace of the state.

The governor has stated that attacks like the one committed against Chimezie Ukaegbu, his commissioner for trade, commerce, and industry, in which two police officers were slain, will not be accepted in the State.

He said that Operation Crush would investigate security concerns reported from anywhere in the state, and he threatened legal action against anyone who hid criminals.

Earlier, Commodore Macdonald Uba (ret. ), the Special Adviser to the Governor of Abia State on Security, said the initiative’s goal was to eradicate crime throughout the state.

He said that the government’s crackdown on criminals was prompted by an increase in kidnappings, robberies, and other crimes across Abia.

Governor Otti was praised by the Abia State Police Commissioner Ken Onwuemelie and the chiefs of the other beneficiary security agencies as they accepted the vehicles.

They said they would put the new patrol cars to use fighting crime in the state and that the addition of the cars will greatly bolster efforts to keep people and their possessions safe.

The new vehicles were tested out by members of the Nigerian Army and other security agencies as they were driven around Umuahia town.

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