You Deceived The Guy, The Church Is The Worst Place To Marry,” Isreal DMW’s friend says, dragging Sheila and family along

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“Albert, a friend of Isreal DMW, discusses Isreal’s divorce with Sheila and charges her of exploiting him for publicity.
The couple’s public fight broke out recently, with both of them slamming the other in public.

In a video, Albert supported his friend and highlighted how his ex-wife had attempted to take control of his life. He made fun of his friendship with Davido, his boss.

Shiela Courage was lashed out by Isreal DMW’s friend for lying to her husband about her virginity and religious lifestyle in a desperate attempt to gain notoriety. He went on to criticize her parents for contributing to the breakdown of their marriage.

“Sheila, the yahoo yahoo wife of Israel! That guy was prepared to commit to you and start a family. You packaged and tricked the guy by using your church level and virginity. You already own the fame you so much desire. He wanted a house with you, and you wanted to be an influencer. There will be trouble for you because of all the suffering and anguish you have brought upon Israel. The worst venue to be married is a church. Part of what he said was, “Mugu, you see girl, na church girl, na church girl; olosho for street better pass those girls.”

Isreal DMW highlighted in the video that he shared on his website how his friend forewarned him about the marriage but that he chose to ignore it.


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